Friday, July 07, 2006

Pictures from the Okanagan Part 1

It's been a long time since I posted, but the size of this one is going to make up for it!
We had a fabulous vacation - lots of sunshine and not doing much. We saw a bunch of friends - Joel and Jodie, Kristin, Chauntille, Ian, Lisa, Dana (and Adrianna and Maria), Aunt Linda, Uncle Larry, Aunt Sharon and my cousin Laura! We visited a couple of cool churches - First Lutheran Kelowna and St. John Vernon. Trevor got to play with the sound board in Vernon, which made him very happy. :)

Here's my road tripping llama...

This is a baby alpaca...can I get an "awwww"?

Does this mean it's ok to hit them if you're only doing 50?

This is our campsite, facing away from the lake. It was pretty quiet and shady during the week, but it got pretty crowded for the long weekend.

This is the Summerhill winery. It's all organic, and they age the wine in a pyriamid that apparently has some mystical earth connection because of its shape that makes the wine taste better. I don't know about that, but the free samples tasted pretty good! :)

These are the cute ducks that visited our campsite. I love ducks - they look so funny when the waddle.

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Bean said...

The baby one is SOOOOO cute!!! (yes, you did get an AWWW!!!! ehehe) You should ask Laurel about her exciting llama story :p haha

I'm glad that you have a lot of fun on your vacation!!! And had really nice weather!!! And cute ducks!!! :o)

Have a great day!!! :o)