Monday, June 12, 2006

It's been a while... I thought I would post something so you know I haven't fallen of the edge of the planet.

I found this link on Christine's blog, and since I'm procrastinating about working on the gathering booklet, I thought I would try this...

Hurrah for a wasted 15 minutes! It looks more like me than the alpaca icon does, anyway! :)


Tams said...

Whee, fun! :P I think I shall make one sometime!!

Barb said...

Hey, Hey!! Good blogging, Michelle-my Belle... now that I'm back from the long lost mountains of Tibet (really - they're lost! They now belong to China, for no reason at all - ridiculous!), I can read your blog and tell you I love you!

Hopefully will see you soon... pray that money for a plane ticket home will come in quickly!